Your San Diego Car Accident Chiropractic Specialist

Is a well renowned innovator In Chiropractic Care. He offers up to date cost-effective corrective and wellness care to every patient he encounters. He ensures safety, responsibility and personable care that patient deserves. His extensive background in health and fitness is above today’s standard benefiting each patient in special and unique way.

 Dr. Marc Matanza specializes in Personal Injury Cases such as Motor Vehicle Accidents, motorcycle, bicycle, skateboard and pedestrian accidents.  He also treats injured victims in slip and fall injuries, such as falling in a grocery store or at a friend’s house or injured and someone else’s property or commercial property.  He will be able to evaluate your personal injury case for free and determine if you have a personal injury case that is worth pursuing and have all the professional legal team and health care providers to support your case!

You will be amazed with the effort and inspiration he possesses to change your life forever in the utmost positive and healthiest way. Dr. Marc Nelson Licup Matanza, D.C. is self-motived professionally licensed Doctor of Chiropractic seeking to utilize his solid clinical skills, passion to heal, inspire and change people’s lives through Chiropractic in his dynamic influential practice.
December 2017
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